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  济南保温管从内到外分为三层:工作钢管层。根据设计和用户要求,一般选用无缝钢管(gb8163-87)和螺旋焊管(gb9711-88)。SY/T 5038-92)及直缝焊管(GB 3092-93)。聚氨酯保温管由高性能聚醚多元醇复合材料和多甲基聚苯基聚异氰酸酯经化学反应制成。聚氨酯保温管与光体积密度、强度高、隔热、隔音、阻燃、耐冷、耐腐蚀、不吸水,施工简单、快速等突出特点,已成为建筑、交通、石油、化工、电力、制冷等工业领域绝缘、防水堵漏、密封和其他不可或缺的材料。预制聚氨酯保温管保温材料应具有较低的导热系数。受潮时无变质作用,耐热性好,金属无腐蚀,空洞轻而多;具有一定的机械强度,不会受到外力的破坏;具有易加工、成本低等特点。常用的保温材料有:膨胀珍珠岩及其制品、玻璃棉及其制品、岩棉制品、微孔硅酸钙、硅酸铝纤维制品、泡沫塑料、泡沫石棉等。
  Jinan heat preservation pipe is divided into three layers from inside to outside: working steel pipe layer. According to the design and user requirements, seamless steel pipe (gb8163-87) and spiral welded pipe (gb9711-88) are generally selected. SY / T 5038-92) and straight welded pipe (GB 3092-93). Polyurethane insulation pipe is made of high performance polyether polyol composite and polymethyl polyphenyl polyisocyanate by chemical reaction. Polyurethane heat preservation pipe has outstanding characteristics of light bulk density, high strength, heat insulation, sound insulation, flame retardant, cold resistance, corrosion resistance, non water absorption, simple and rapid construction, and has become an indispensable material for insulation, water-proof and leakage stoppage, sealing and other industrial fields such as construction, transportation, petroleum, chemical industry, electric power, refrigeration, etc. The preformed polyurethane insulation pipe shall have a lower thermal conductivity. When damped, it has no metamorphism, good heat resistance, corrosion-free metal, light and many cavities; it has certain mechanical strength and will not be damaged by external forces; it is easy to process and low cost. Commonly used thermal insulation materials are expanded perlite and its products, glass wool and its products, rock wool products, microporous calcium silicate, aluminum silicate fiber products, foam plastics, foam asbestos and so on.
  聚氨酯直埋保温管适用于室内外管道、集中供热管道、空调管道、化工、医药等工业管道的保温、冷压工程。聚氨酯泡沫保温管聚氨酯合成材料的概述,30年代诞生以来,一直作为一种优良的隔热材料,得到了快速发展,其应用范围也越来越广泛,由于其施工简单和显著的节能防腐效果,广泛用于各种加热、制冷、油、蒸汽等各种各样的管道。大量供热、制冷、输油、蒸汽等管道。采用先进的喷丸工艺处理钢管表面。钢管的除锈等级达到gb8923-1988标准的SA2,钢管的表面粗糙度达到GB6060.588标准的12.5微米。第二层:聚氨酯保温层与高压发泡机在钢管外层之间形成空腔,一次性注入硬质聚氨酯泡沫液。这就是通常所说的管道发泡过程。其功能是防水,二是隔热,三是承重。当输送介质温度为-50℃- 120℃时,保温层为硬质聚碳酸氢盐泡沫。第三层:防腐钢管是一种具有防腐性能的钢管,具有良好的保温性能。在建筑工程中得到了广泛的应用和推广,并不断得到完善和推广。防腐保温钢管有不同的加工方式和方法。不同的加工方法决定了钢管的不同性能和功能,使用范围也会发生变化。防腐保温钢管的生产应符合国家标准。不同的加工方法遵循不同的标准,但必须符合国家生产标准,必须严格执行。
  Polyurethane direct buried insulation pipe is suitable for indoor and outdoor pipes, central heating pipes, central air conditioning pipes, chemical industry, medicine and other industrial pipes. Polyurethane foam insulation tube polyurethane synthetic materials overview, since its inception in 30s, has been a good insulation material, has been developing rapidly, and its application scope is more and more widely. Because of its simple construction and remarkable energy saving and anti-corrosion effect, it is widely used in all kinds of pipes such as heating, refrigeration, oil, steam and so on. A large number of heating, cooling, oil transportation, steam and other pipelines. The surface of steel pipe is treated by advanced shot peening process. The derusting grade of steel pipe reaches SA2 of gb8923-1988 standard, and the surface roughness of steel pipe reaches 12.5 μ m of gb6060.588 standard. The second layer: polyurethane insulation layer and high pressure foaming machine form a cavity between the outer layer of steel tube, and injecting rigid polyurethane foam liquid at once. This is commonly known as the pipe foaming process. Its function is waterproof, heat insulation and load-bearing. When the conveying medium temperature is -50 - 120 C, the insulation layer is rigid polycarbonate foam. The third layer: anti-corrosion steel pipe is a kind of steel pipe with anti-corrosion performance, with good insulation performance. It has been widely used and promoted in the construction engineering, and has been continuously improved and promoted. There are different processing methods for anticorrosive and heat preservation steel pipes. Different processing methods determine different properties and functions of steel pipes, and the scope of use will also change. The production of anti-corrosion and heat preservation steel pipes shall meet the national standards. Different processing methods follow different standards, but they must meet the national production standards and be strictly implemented.
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